Projects delivered


Ground segment

We are able to design systems (mobile and fixed) on all frequency bands assigned to satellite services (from L band to Ka) and any architecture (TX/RX, only RX or TX), able to transmit any power thanks a wide range size of antennas.

Space and Avio

We design systems capable of operating on board both satellites and avionics systems. In the development of these applications, in addition to the typical requirements of space communications, the utmost attention is taken to satisfy all the characteristic requirements of these platforms, such as weight, dimensions, temperature range, vibrations, reliability, etc. The satisfactory results obtained in the deliveries already made make us able to ensure the complete functionality of our systems in all these specific applications.

Ground station

Ground Station Refurbishment

We can design subsystems for satellite systems that installed on existing structures are able to modify or introduce new requirements to the systems. Typically we are able to design Feed/Subreflector systems that installed on the existing Main Reflector modify its performance in the same frequency band or make the antenna operate in other frequency bands.

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We have RF waveguide components (Rotary joints, Diplexers, WG filters, Sealing windows for high power waveguides, etc.) with high performance characteristics. 

We can design and deliver each waveguide component according to the requirements requested by our customers. 

All components are delivered with the testing documentation.



The company has staff capable of carrying out, if required, the installation on site of what has been designed and delivered. 

It is also able to carry out routine and extraordinary maintenance activities on customer systems, including systems not supplied by Sicilsat Communications. Of the activities carried out and contractually defined, the customer will be provided with periodic reports on the state of the system and of all the interventions carried out.

ASI - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana
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