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Design and development of L/S/X band multifeed sub-system for 5.0 mt Antenna

Client: Thales Alenia Space (Italy)

Description: Transformation of an antenna operating only in the L band, existing on the customer's site, into an system capable of operating alternately in the L, S and X bands, with the creation of a new feed and maintaining the existing main reflector. The band change is carried out via a remote control without any other mechanical or radioelectric intervention by operators on the antenna. The transformation also includes, on the customer's site, the mechanical and electrical adaptation required on the existing antenna, the installation of the new feed and the construction of the equipment necessary for remote control from the control room.
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Diagram 02

technical specifications & Project Images

Main technical features:

  • L band [1100 ÷ 1600] MHz 37% bandwidth RX only LH/RH pol.
  • S band [2000 ÷ 2300] MHz 14% bandwidth Rx/Tx/Monopulse LH/RH pol
  • X band [8000 ÷ 8500] MHz 6% bandwidth Rx only LH/RH pol.
  • Tx Power: 100 W max (only S Band)
  • Feed Dimension: 600, 600, 400 mm
  • Operating conditions: -30 ÷ +60 °C
  • Year of realization: 2019
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