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Sicilsat Simultaneous Multiband “ Monster ” feed

Sicilsat Communications

Sicilsat Simultaneous Multiband “ Monster ” feed.
It has Monopulse functions in Ka band and operating in S-Ku-Ka band for 7.5mt Antenna.
Ka – Band
Rx 21250 ÷ 22150 MHz Double Circular Polarization
Tx 24500 ÷ 25400MHz Double Circular Polarization
TRK 21300 ÷ 21500 MHz Linear Polarization

Ku – Band
Rx 11500 ÷ 12500 MHz Double Circular Polarization
Tx 17150 ÷ 18150 MHz Double Circular Polarization

S – Band
Rx 2400 ÷ 2650 MHz Single Circular Polarization

The development was carried out in collaboration with A4X ENGINEERING SRL

The project of this feed was presented at RINEM2022 thanks to its high technological content.

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